Love Language

Life is good, love makes it even better
Human relation exist in folds
With different characteristics defining each
Some by bond and some by blood.

Surely the bond holding us is quite strong
As perfect as our relation seems
It is not without its own struggles
Same as that confronting many of such relation

The struggle of how best to express love
In intentional and meaningful ways.
As there seems little importance
To good deeds that fails to resonate with another

Truly everyone wants to show their partner they care!
Yes, what's the point of love without care.
Yet all they end up doing are things they care about
And not really what their partner care about.

The struggle to love is indeed real
To love is one thing
To express it is another
To show it rightly is just another thing

Dr. Gary Chapman; a conqueror of love
An author seems like one of the many
who clearly understands the trickish
Matter of the heart (brain maters).

And banking on his ideas
I'd love to inquire about you
Who you are really?
What you cherish more?

And What you really care about?
Is it some words of praise, affirmation and compliments
Or is some quality period of time, where you're the focus
Or maybe some form of constant closeness and affection it is?
Could it be impacts and traces of offerings?

Anyone it might be, do let me know
As I'm so much into this
And I wouldn't want it to end
Anytime soon, not even for anything.

Mustapha Lawal



Just a curious guy who's in constant search of meaning!

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